Question about organizations and billing

Hi there,

I am new to and after doing some tests I have to say that I find it to be an amazing platform. I have some doubt about how organizations work.

Apologies if this was already answered.

My company develops web applications of several sizes for different customers… apps are usually small, but some may have big traffic spikes, so auto-scaling is desiderable and fly machines works very well for that in my tests. Other apps may need HA, and postgress on fly makes that easy.

Currently we work with virtual servers, we do the sysops, and we bill our customers on a monthly basis depending on server size. Scaling is done by hand and is not very usual so it’s easy to calculate costs.

I am the company’s CTO so I decide which technologies to use, and I am liking your platform a lot. I am thinking about starting developing new projects here, and maybe migrating some existing ones.

But we have to bill customers and with something as dynamic as fly machines is not easy. I’ve seen that I can create different organizations. I am thinking in creating a organization for each of my customers, but all of them should be billed to my company, on a single invoice if possible… the purpose is to know how much each customer is costing us.

Does that make sense or there is a better way?

Another question… when there are several organizations, where goes the free tier? It goes to one organization, it is shared between them?


This would be possible, but you would get separate invoices for each of those organizations, it wouldn’t all be on one bill. This could potentially make it easier for you to see exactly how much each customer is costing you.

Each organization would have it’s own free tier.

Hi @kurtie

And additionally it should be completely possible for you to be billed to the same company card from different organisations. Before you can deploy anything on a new organisation you need to add a credit card and I can’t see any reason why you can’t have the same card more than once.
Although like zee said the billings won’t come on the same invoice, because right now invoices are shown per organisation which you can see in the dashboard under Bilings.

And at the moment each organisation gets the standard free tier and we only start charging when you go above that. Although this may change in the future.


Ok, receiving several invoices each month is not a big deal, specially at first while only a few of our customers will be “flying”. Time will tell if that is an issue.

Amazing that each org has its own free tier, honestly I was not expecting that… of course I understand it may change in the future. The free tier is not the reason for us for moving here… functionalities and performance are. Kudos for the platform.