Suggestion: more detailed billing overview

Maybe this is already on the roadmap, but I would love to see:

  1. How much are my apps costing me?
  2. How much are my projects costing me? (several apps can belong to a project).
  3. How are my costs changing over time?

Basically a simple version of AWS cost explorer :slight_smile:

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That’s a great idea! We don’t have something for 1) just yet, but you might be able to use separate orgs for 2) and 3) if different projects don’t need to be on the same 6PN/private network (which, like billing, is handled on a per-org basis).

But then I also need to fill in billing info for each org, right? And we will get multiple charges and invoices. That sounds like a disaster :slight_smile: It’s not super important, I will be patient :slight_smile:


A couple of ideas Ill throw in:

  • adding a concept of billing account that can be assigned to different orgs(similar to gcloud)
  • costs management(alert for free plan end, costs limit, prediction)

It would be amazing to expose a billing sub-command thro the CLI as well!

Kudos for the brilliant platform!

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+1 on the need for Cost Instrumentation so fly can be a first class citizen in our FinOps program. Really would like to see at minimum the equivalent of AWS CUR (cost records dropped to an S3 or via API). In my dream you would integrate with Cloudhealth. Any info on this direction greatly appreciated