Can I create an Organization per customer?

I just want to make sure Im doing something that can be seen as wrong or exploit of the free tier

We bill our customers depending on the CPU Usage and the Storage, some customers pay more to get more RAM or Storage, so my question:

Should I create an Organization per customer and then receive an Invoice per Org?
Or should I use only one organization and create multiple apps inside of that Org?

I just want to have the best way to track usage of my cxs

I want them also to be pay-as-you-go, ,at least for the storage since they usually dont go above 250mb for RAM, but they do go up of 3gb storage per cx

I saw on this post that it might be possible Question about organizations and billing

I just want to know if Ill get an Invoice showing how much each app used in storage/ram/cpu
Also, if they go above 3gb, lets say they go 3.7gb, will we get charged for the whole GB or just the 70% of the GB, and if in the next month they go back to 3gb, will we still get charged for the 0.7gb or it will not charge us?

Sorry if i asked too many questions but I want to make sure :smiley: