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Hi, i am using for my side project and started using it like 2-3 days ago. I barely stored anything in the database and also didn’t use it that much. I used the first option for both my applications (Although I did switch my DB to the second option, but just for a day). I wanted to ask if this pricing is normal. It would cost me like 30$ a month for doing basically nothing.


Well it all depends on what resources you allocate. The current free allowance is under $5, basically. So if you stay under that, your invoice should be $0. That should cover a couple of the smallest shared CPU vms, for example. Those ones should be sufficient for a side project. From that screenshot it looks like you may have allocated more resources e.g 1GB of RAM (I haven’t done the maths). As such the bill increases faster and you head towards exceeding the included free allowance.

Make sure your vms are shared cpu and have only 256MB of RAM assigned. And you create a single volume with maybe 1-3GB.

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