Billing suggestion

I’m running a simple rails app. It’s got a web VM and a worker VM with redis.

The billing is probably fine for that amount because I can decipher what correlates to what. (Even though my redis nor my postgres is showing up on billing, no idea why)

But on Heroku I have over 50 apps and I pay $4k a month.

It is broken down by ‘app’, meaning I can have a “app-name” which contains the billing for each resource by app - web servers, workers, redis, postgres, any add-ons.

If I were to move everything over to fly, which I plan on either Fly or Render, it would be really difficult to see which app costs what.

Example ‘app’


Hi - we’re doing a lot of thinking about billing, so this is helpful feedback.

One way to approach tracking costs is to create one organization for each app you need to track. One user can be a member of many orgs, and all the orgs can be billed using the same credit card. So for your rails app, you’d create an org that includes the web VM, the worker VM, and any other resources you need to run that app. You’d then create a new org for each separate app you have, and then track each one back to the project it belongs to.

Notably, each organization will get an individual invoice, so if you have 50 apps you will get 50 invoices. This is admittedly not the most ideal experience, and we’re looking at how to make that a little nicer. So it’s definitely useful to know how you’re keeping track of apps and costs.