Pricing page update!

We’ve lowered (some of) our prices! We already were billing less, but you should be excited anyway.

Let me sum up:

We were advertising (but not billing) erroneously high prices for multi-vCPU VM configurations with added RAM, by calculating the cost of the extra RAM with respect to the base RAM on a single-vCPU configuration.

That’s not how we bill! Extra memory is calculated with respect to the base RAM on each CPU config, which is larger as the number of vCPUs goes up. We just changed our pricing page to match.

Thus, with a correction to our all-time most popular page, we’ve made your hypothetical future big-VM projects cheaper without changing anything about your current bill.

Here’s a comparison. We were claiming that a performance-4x VM with 32GB RAM would cost $274.08 every 30 days, when in fact, it costs $244.06. Time to make bigger plans!

While this won’t impact your past, current, or future billing for VMs you’ve already deployed, scaling up could be a lot easier on the wallet than we’d have had you believe.