Request: 512 memory

It would be be nice to launch shared 1x with 512mb as most node apps are 150-300mb.

Would prefer this with more instances over 1000mb and less instances.

fly scale vm shared-cpu-1x --memory 512 should actually work!

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Nice! And would that be priced somewhere in the $2.50/month range? Sounds like Fly actually has CPU and RAM priced separately.

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Yep! ~$5/mo per GB of RAM, so ~$1.25/mo to upgrade the base shared-cpu-1x with an additional 256MB.

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I was just about to ask that same question!

+1 on adding this to the pricing page :+1:t2:

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FYI, the 512mb container still isn’t listed on the pricing page.

It’s a small thing, but 512mb instances have been available since June 3 (thanks @Jerome!).

It would be really help those of us running small businesses to be able to refer to the exact price in the docs.