Extra Memory Pricing

Where can I find the additional RAM pricing ? Can’t find it on the pricing page. Also how can I know what is additional RAM and what is the included RAM ? I see some examples on the pricing page but they don’t add up to the resources we have at the moment if we sum the values presented there.

We currently have:

2 identical environments (qa and dev) with (Assuming 31 days):

Applicational Server:
dedicated-cpu-1x 4GB Mem $0.0000158/second (per princing page) 1 month = 42.31872$
Storage: 10 GB $0.15/GB/month = 1.5$ (per pricing page)

Database Server:
dedicated-cpu-1x 2GB Mem $0.0000120/second 1 month (per princing page) = 32.1408$
Storage: 20 GB - $0.15/GB/month = 3$ (per pricing page)

Total Per Env: 42.31872$ + 1.5$ + 32.1408$ + 3$ = 78.95952$

Total 2 envs / 4 apps (2 db and 2 applicational servers) = 78.95952 * 2 = 157,919$

Is my logic sound ?
Why do they not match the invoice values? Differences in billing cycle length (more than 31 days)?

We overall like the platform but the pricing is confusing (and today I discovered that additionally we also have plans!). The pricing page needs some love, maybe a pricing calculator would help maybe add tables with prices per resource type.

Thanks for the help,

Hi @Endlessloop, the RAM pricing on your invoice looks right. I think the base RAM for the dedicated-cpu-1x CPU is 2GB, so for that tier of CPU, additional RAM would be whatever you’ve provisioned above 2GB.

Without doing too much math, one obvious question is: was there any point during that billing period in which you had more than 4 VMs running?

(edit: a common source of an extra VM is having two instances on the database for high availability)

No I am 99% sure we hadn’t. In fact we had less ram for most of the month (3GB instead of 4GB on both envs).

This example I am assuming already includes the extra ram. Using it as the calculation basis it does not add up to the value (it’s in fact higher) when it should be a bit lower because in total we were using -2GB (2 x (4GB - 3GB)).

I keep an open mind and may be wrong and we had more machines (I am 99% sure we should come bellow the price estimated above and we had no more than 4 machines at all times) but this is very confusing. We should be able to match invoice lines with the tables on the pricing page. But you are charging ram separately but there is nothing in the pricing page with the ram price.

The pricing page can be a bit confusing as example/equivalent pricing is mixed with actual pricing. Also these prices are rounded as the actual unit prices that are invoiced have more decimal places.

What you see with their dedicated-cpu-1x with 2GB is the base cost of the VM. Any RAM at this level is not invoiced as you get 2GB of RAM per dedicated CPU included in the price, so you’ll only see a charge for the dedicated CPU.

So for one dedicated-cpu-1x 2GB VM for 31 days (not including other charges, e.g. bandwidth, storage, etc) your invoice would only contain a charge of:
VM: Dedicated CPU (per second), Qty - 2678400, Unit Price - $.00001196, Amount - $32.033664 (this gets rounded)

What you see with their dedicated-cpu-1x with 4GB is the equivalent cost of the VM. The invoiced pricing doesn’t show separate line items for VMs with more RAM, instead its a unified line item of extra RAM.

So for one dedicated-cpu-1x 3GB VM for 31 days (not including other charges, e.g. bandwidth, storage, etc) your invoice would contain two charges:
VM: Dedicated CPU (per second), Qty - 2678400, Unit Price - $.00001196, Amount - $32.033664 (this gets rounded)
VM: Additional RAM (per GB/s), Qty - 2678400, Unit Price - $.00000193, Amount - $5.169312 (this gets rounded)

Does this make sense?

Makes perfect sense.
In that case I would really appreciate you to confirm what resources we had on for the period corresponding to the attached invoice.

Because I am 99% (sorry to bother you with the 1%) sure we had at most 4 vms (2 aplicacional with 2GB extra RAM and 2 postgres (no additional ram)) and I cannot understand the amount of seconds charged (I tried using 32 days, 31 days). The only way approximate the resulting overall value to pay is including the charged extra ram and using the increased price on the examples (the dedicated 1x with 4GB line).

If you need any more information to check it please ask.
I am sorry but we really need to understand all of this so we can communicate to our clients cost expectations.

Hi @Endlessloop, it’s true our pricing page and the Stripe invoices slice things up differently; they’ll come out the same in the end, but I can appreciate that you’d like to be able to compare line-for-line. The “Qty” column is where the difference is arising.

Can you shoot off a quick email to billing@fly.io, referencing this thread, and we’ll help you there?

Done. Thanks.