Confusion regarding the cost of shared vm of 1gb ram

I saw in pricing page that pricing for one shared vm of 1gb was $0.0000022 per second or $5.70/month
I created a hobby project and scaled the ram from 256mb to 1gb due to out of ram usage
When i saw my usage page to check the cost and it was showing to be charged is
7073 GB/s × VM: Additional RAM (at $0.00000193 / month)
So $0.01 will be per month
So will it continue to increase or is it just $0.01 per month (its a shared vm not dedicated so no autoscale)

Not entirely sure what you mean by continue to increase.

My reading of:

… and excluding any free allowance, it says …

shared-cpu-1x 1 shared 256MB $0.0000008/s ($1.94/mo)
shared-cpu-1x 1 shared 1GB $0.0000022/s ($5.70/mo)

So if you run your now-scaled shared-cpu/1GB VM for an entire month, well that would cost the full $5.70 (excluding any other charges, like bandwidth).

Your first month (or any other month that you resize) is more complicated for billing because for X hours you were running a shared-cpu/256MB, and then for Y hours you were running a shared-cpu/1GB. As such, the time you ran each GB/s for is pro-rated.

Like … if you run a VM with 256MB for 50% of the month, that would cost $0.97 (ish). If you run the same VM with 1GB for the remaining 50% of the month, that would cost $2.85 (ish). So the total for that month would be $3.82.


Hi @IshanKBG, I believe the total you see in the web UI is for your usage so far in this billing period. So yes, it should increase as your usage does. (i.e. with time)

@greg’s answer is a good one if you need details! :smile:


Oh thanks @greg
Yeah sometimes the pricing models gets me confused
One more question i would like to ask is that what if i add some more regions to it like one or more so the pricing would increase?
For example 3 regions running instance of same application simultaneously with 512mb
So the cost would be 512mb cost × 3 regions right?

That’s right. 3 vms => 3x the cost (of 1 vm).

If cost is a concern, you could look into Fly’s auto-scaling options. You could e.g run 1 vm 24/7, and then if there was a lot of traffic, set that to auto-scale up to X vms when needed, and then drop back down to 1 vm when not.

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I will look into it

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