RAM billing questions, billing of inactive periods ?

I logged in on the free tier. Realized that my application (a docker container) does not run in 256.
Bumped one VM to 512MB. I also have the “automatic” Postgres database attached, with no change.

How can I compute the extra cost I will incur for this setup above the free allowance ? I get a very weird line on the invoice as
3849 GB/s × VM: Additional RAM (at $0.00000193 / month).

Also, given that I can scale down an app to 0, I presume I only get charged for the seconds/minutes/hours I’m up ? What is the billing formula for a shared 1x at 512MB (and a dedicated at 1GB)

Hey there-- an extra full gig of RAM is approximately $5/month, as you can see reflected by the disparate pricing for the shared-cpu-1x item on the app pricing page. So 1/4 of a gig of additional RAM would be around an additional ~$1.25.

A 512 MB shared-cpu-1x comes in at around $3.70/month

You’ve got the right idea about scaling to 0 – this effectively suspends your app so it won’t rack up CPU-seconds. An important caveat to this is our volumes-- if your app has provisioned volumes, you’ll be continued to be charged normally for this, since we’re still provisioning the space for your data.

Thanks, given that I was on the free tier, and that I provisioned a 1GB piece of my 3GB, I understand that comes out to 0$ ?

Yup! The free tier includes 3GB of storage. And if you ever have any app-specific questions about our billing model, you can always shoot us an email at billing@fly.io!

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