New certificate page should now teach you about shared IPv4

We rolled out shared IPv4 for new apps so we needed to update a few areas to show that to you. Here’s what you’d see if you set up a certificate on flyctl.

I] ➜ fly certs -a winter-cloud-1256  show
The certificate for has not been issued yet.

Hostname                  =

DNS Provider              = porkbun

Certificate Authority     = Let's Encrypt

Issued                    =

Added to App              = 1 day ago

Source                    = fly

You are creating a certificate for
We are using lets_encrypt for this certificate.

You can direct traffic to by:

1: Adding an A record to your DNS service which reads

    A @

You can validate your ownership of by:

2: Adding an AAAA record to your DNS service which reads:

    AAAA @ 2a09:8280:1::a:f448

Unfortunately, we missed a spot that was on our dashboard. It’s now fixed:

How could this have affected you? The world is not ready for IPv6 yet, so missing an A record to your shared IPv4 might have made your unreachable to some people. If you set up your domain via the dashboard recently we didn’t do a great job of telling you this but should be fixed now.