A Record not displayed in Certificates

Hi, I’ve recently changed my app name and with it, I’ve generated a new DNS certificate. My previous app name was appname1.mydomain.com the records associated to this were A and AAAA that I added to namecheap.com.
Two days ago, I removed appname1 and created appname2 which I then added to my mydomain.com. When generating new DNS certificates, I can only see an AAAA record and not A. Is this normal? I’ve added this new AAAA record to namecheap DNS configuration, but the website still looks unreachable for some countries, does it mean that the DNS propagation still needs to finish? Do I need that A certificate for my new appname2?

Does your app expose something other than an HTTP service? You might need to manually add an ipv4

fly ips allocate-v4

No, just HTTP. Ok after running that command this was the result in the terminal

v4	public	global	6s ago  

And now I can see the A record, I’ll try adding this to my namecheap DNS config.
Thanks again for your help!

Issue was resolved, the A record was missing. Thanks again for your help.