AAAA record IP not being generated for cert provisioning


When adding a custom cert, it seems to be refusing to show a AAAA record to create. I can confirm the same in the dashboard, only showing an A record and won’t let me progress. I have a machine created that is started, and have not had this issue with other apps.

It gave me an IPv4 to use for an A record, and seems to recognize that is set just fine.

Deleting the cert and IP and re-adding shows this:

➜  dangoodman: ~/code/ git:(main) ✗ fly certs add                                                                       5:25PM

A Record ( does not match app's IP ()
Address resolution ( does not match app's IP (/)
You are creating a certificate for
We are using lets_encrypt for this certificate.

You can direct traffic to by:

1: Adding an A record to your DNS service which reads

    A @

You can validate your ownership of by:

2: Adding an AAAA record to your DNS service which reads:

    AAAA @

but no IPs so not sure where it’s getting that one

➜  dangoodman: ~/code/ git:(main) ✗ fly ips list                                                                                     5:26PM

Learn more about public, private, shared and dedicated IP addresses in our docs:

Ah ok I had to allocate both v6 and v4, IIRC v6 used to auto generate!

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