Wildcard domain doesnt handle traffic

  • I have dedicated V4 IP address assigned to my fly.io app
  • DNS A record is pointed to its V4 IP address
  • DNS AAAA record is pointed to its V6 IP address
  • CNAME with _acme-challenge is configured as directed

I would expect when I visit any subdomain, fly.io would serve my app, but it doesnt work so until i manually add certificate for that subdomain.

a.example.com works
b.example.com works
c.example.com doesnt work - as it is not explicitly listed in certificates

Screenshot 2023-12-21 at 13.26.20

What can I do to make this work?

It might’ve been a timing thing, because it looks like the certificates were issued. I found your app / certificate and confirmed that.

We got this error in the first few attempts from Let’s Encrypt:

Incorrect TXT record \"HYLEoBTiW5mIMHqjsFgGylclFfDeLU0-UTdqyNKPgzQ\" (and 1 more) found at _acme-challenge.<redacted>

(Don’t worry, that challenge is invalid and cannot be used again to provision a certificate, that’s why I didn’t bother redacting it)

We’re you switching from another provider? I wonder if Let’s Encrypt received multiple TXT responses.

Thanks, seems it is working now.

I was trying similar things with Vercel and Cloudflare.

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