Domain name not resolving despite successful setup

Created a new application today. Deploys successfully at Created a new certificate for via the Fly dashboard, followed instructions and have green ticks everywhere.

It’s been a few hours and I’m still not able to access

I see there are no A records anywhere, only AAAA. Are the CNAME and AAAA records enough? Am I just getting cached DNS? Can anyone else access that URL?

I don’t see a cname or an A record for I do see an AAAA record:

➜  ~ dig aaaa +short
➜  ~ dig a +short
➜  ~

You’ll need to create an A record with your DNS provider to use IPv4 with this new hostname.

But this is a new app without a dedicated IPv4 address. I don’t see an option for an A record in the certificates section of the Fly dashboard:

We’re going to fix this in a little bit.

Until then, you should be able to find the shared IP using flyctl (with a recent version).

fly ips list -a your-app
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