fly ssh console fails with `Error host unavailable: host was not found in DNS`

Hey all. Pretty much what the heading says. As of the last few hours I am unable to fly ssh console into a particular app, and just get the error:

$ fly ssh console --verbose
Error host unavailable: host was not found in DNS

I’ve tried scaling up the app, triggering a new deploy, etc., and nothing fixes it. I am however able to ssh into other apps, just not this one.

Of note is that I moved 3 apps from my personal account to an organization. Could this be a contributing factor? However, I’m still able to access the other 2 apps I moved (PG & Redis). I don’t think I’ve restarted them since moving them, so that might the difference?

fly status suggests the app is happy:

  Name     = my-app-name
  Owner    = my-org-name
  Version  = 5
  Status   = running
  Hostname =

Deployment Status
  ID          = fc6b8503-e9ed-662f-10e2-612718ef3464
  Version     = v5
  Status      = successful
  Description = Deployment completed successfully
  Instances   = 1 desired, 1 placed, 1 healthy, 0 unhealthy

I am also able to access the app via HTTP, so it really does seem to be 100%.

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(from fly ssh console not working - #6 by kurt)

See if it works if you can ssh into an active instance (vm) by specifically asking to connect to it.

# find active vms
fly ips private

# choose an active vm
fly ssh console -s

Thanks, just tried this. fly ips private works and returns:

  ID       | REGION | IP
4596d999 | fra    | some-long-ipv6-address

However, fly ssh console -s doesn’t work:

Error look up owl-commander: failed fetching instances for "my-app-name":
can't find deployed regions for my-app-name

I’ve since had this resolve itself. I set a new secret and the next time I tried to connect it worked :man_shrugging: Not sure if that was the trigger or it was just the passage of time; I wish I’d tried to connect again just before setting the secret, but will do so if I see it again.

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Neat! Fly’s internal DNS has been going through quite a few road bumps, of late.

Btw, I almost sent a pull-request for flyctl to let its users ssh into a vm using private ip and as fate would have it, this is already supported (code).

For future:

$ flyctl ips private
  ID       | REGION | IP                                
  ddddeeee | aws    | fdaa:0:aaaa:bbb:cccc:dddd:eeee:2  

$ flyctl ssh console "[fdaa:0:aaaa:bbb:cccc:dddd:eeee:2]"

Thanks, fly ips private was a rather useful command to learn, so I appreciate your responses!

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Hi, is this issue has been totally fixed?