Can't ssh console

I just can’t seem to be able to ssh into my app.

$  flyctl ssh console
Connecting to complete
Error error connecting to SSH server: connect tcp [2a09:8280:1::30ac]:22: operation timed out

Can anyone help?

I’d really like to have another way to interact with the app since the Logs are pretty useless, as I’ve learned the hard way.

Hi Och, this could possibly be a network issue can you test it by running:
fly dig aaaa <app-name>.internal and then you should also run fly doctor

Hey, real quick: you’re asking flyctl ssh to SSH to a public IP address (that’s what resolves to). But flyctl ssh only works on our internal networks.

The right thing to do here is actually the simplest: just run flyctl ssh from the directory with your fly.toml in it (you can also run it from anywhere by running flyctl ssh -a firstfly. Don’t pass a hostname in.

If you have many instances of a single app and want to select just one, try flyctl ssh -s. But don’t start with that here.

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Thank you @thomas

flyctl ssh console -a firstfly did the trick!

No problem! We should add some code to catch people using fly ssh to try to SSH to public addresses.

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@thomas I know I already marked your previous answer as solution, but I’d appreciate if you could also shed some light into this: what other alternative do I have to see the logs of my deployed app?
The online logs or the flyctl logs --verbose are pretty unreliable for me (and made me waste more hours than I would like to admit). For my current very simple python UDP app if it is running and I ssh into it, it won’t show me the printed logs, and if I try to manually start it from the ssh console it will get in conflict with the app that is already running, since the address and port are already taken.