fly ssh is failing

I can’t seem to be able to SSH into my app after the most recent deploy. Triggering additional deploys doesn’t appear to resolve the issue, as suggested in previous posts.

fly ssh console 
Error host unavailable at top1.nearest.of.***.internal: host was not found in DNS

Can’t log on to IPs directly either:

fly ssh console -s <ip4_address> -a <app_name>
Error look up <>: failed fetching instances for "app_name": can't find deployed regions for app_name

This appears to be related to another issue from yesterday, where deploying the app would intermittently take our production site offline (eventually came back after a few deploys).

Larger question for us is whether to move off of fly now that we’re serving production workloads and can’t afford outages like this one.

See if you can fly ssh console directly to a 6pn address: fly ssh console fails with `Error host unavailable: host was not found in DNS` - #5 by ignoramous

Enable websocket transport for flyctl, if needed: flyctl wg websockets enable (ref).

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Thanks @ignoramous - using the private IPs does the trick.

(Unsure why it randomly failed though - upgraded our plan to hit up fly’s support channels but no response from them yet)

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