Error ssh: can't build tunnel for XX: no such organization

Hi there !
I’m trying to launch a Phoenix app (I’ve already done this successfully a couple of times)

When it’s linking DB I got the following message:

Error Failed attaching xx-dev-db to the Postgres cluster xx-dev: ssh: can't build tunnel for ZZZ: no such organization.\nTry attaching manually with 'fly postgres attach --app xx-dev xx-dev-db'
where ZZZ is my organization slug.

It don’t succeed when running attach neither.

I already have done some successful deployments with the authenticated user on this organization
This organization has been transfered from another user)
In terms of timing, it may be correlated to the destruction of an app.
But I still have other apps in the organization.

fly auth whoami gives me the good user (and belongs to the organization).
fly info shows me the correct app organization
fly doctor says OK on every checks

Other ops commands like fly wireguard reset fails.

Note: I’m using FLY_ACCESS_TOKEN env var to authenticate myself (1 user per project) but I didn’t got any problem since this issue.

Any clue for a better investigation on what I may have done wrong?

Thank you!

This may not be working properly with ssh.

Try running fly agent stop, then see if fly ssh xx-dev-db works?

Hello Kurt, thank for your help;

What I did

  • disabled FLY_ACCESS_TOKEN env var
  • fly agent stop
  • relogged in from cli
  • ran fly ssh console xx-dev-db

What I got :
Error host unavailable: host was not found in DNS

But from there I was able to re-attach successfully with the command in my initial post!

I’ve gradually reenabled env var + agent stop + logout and I’m still in the situation described here, without the former problem.

But now this ssh access may need a further investigation…

Looking arround, i’m trying to follow this

fly ips private are empty as well