How do you know how much space you are using in a volume?

flyctl volumes show ID

Lists Size GB: 40, which is the total size of the volume. How do you know how much of that space you are actually using?

Not sure how to do so via flyctl volumes, but you can always flyctl ssh console -s into the VM and du -sH / df -h your way?

# runs the cmd in the nearest vm to the client
fly ssh console -C `du -sH /mount/point/*`
# or ssh into a vm via its 6pn ip
fly ips private
fly ssh console "[6pn:ip:within:these:brackets]"

See: fly ssh console fails with `Error host unavailable: host was not found in DNS` - #5 by ignoramous

(assuming the app’s container has the du or df binary in its path)


You can check for volume metrics (and more) in the Fly-provided Grafana dashboard, found at (You’ll need to be authenticated into your Fly account to view it).

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