[fixed] Problem with token when trying to deploy


I have successfully deployed multiple times today, but for a few hours now, I have a strange error with exactly the same environment.

I try to deploy a Docker image and building the image and pushing it to the registry all works fine. But then, I have this error :

--> Pushing image done
image: registry.fly.io/xxxx:deployment-01H5QDNVWHEYS3NDMHV7VHP15G
image size: 486 MB

Watch your app at https://fly.io/apps/xxxxx/monitoring

This deployment will:
 * create 2 "app" machines

No machines in group app, launching a new machine
Error: error creating a new machine: failed to launch VM: parse to root/auth token: parse flyv1 token: invalid token prefix 'Bearer fo1'

Here is what I tried :

  • logout from the cli, then login and deploy again
  • delete the existing app, logout, login, launch and deploy

Everytime I have the same issue with my token…
Thanks !

Same issue with potential fix here: https://community.fly.io/t/auth-error-when-updating-accessing-deployed-machines-invalid-token-prefix-bearer-fo1/14263

Hello! We have released a fix for this issue.
Your beloved “Bearer fo1” tokens should be working again.

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Thank you! It really helps with keeping velocity up during staging.

Thanks a lot ! Everything works as expected now !

Cannot believe I did not see the post from @ejmockler, I searched the forum before posting though…

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