Deployment issue

hey fly friends. I’m seeing the following error when running a deployment. Any ideas what I can do to fix it? Thank you.

Deploying to : ***********

Monitoring Deployment
You can detach the terminal anytime without stopping the deployment

1 desired, 1 placed, 0 healthy, 1 unhealthy
v56 failed - Failed due to unhealthy allocations - rolling back to job version 55
Failed Instances

==> Failure #1

ID = ********
Version = 56
Region = sjc
Desired = stop
Status = failed
Health Checks =
Restarts = 0
Created = 11s ago

Recent Events
2020-11-13T00:11:18Z Received Task received by client
2020-11-13T00:11:18Z Task Setup Building Task Directory
2020-11-13T00:11:19Z Failed Validation 2 errors occurred:
* failed to parse config:
* Invalid label: No argument or block type is named “private_dns”.

2020-11-13T00:11:19Z Not Restarting Error was unrecoverable
2020-11-13T00:11:19Z Alloc Unhealthy Unhealthy because of failed task
2020-11-13T00:11:19Z Killing Sent interrupt. Waiting 5s before force killing
2020-11-13T00:11:20Z Killing Sent interrupt. Waiting 5s before force killing

That was me! Sorry! I added a configuration option to our orchestrator, and it only works when every orchestrator agent has been deployed and is aware of it. We’ve backed the change out; try again in 5 minutes?

All good now! Thank you!

Glad to hear it!

We’re working on allowing instances to find and talk to each other on private IPv6 networks, is the feature that blew up deploy briefly this evening.

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I’m pretty sure this is how you get Cylons

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