Complaint Regarding Incorrect Charges on Free Plan

After creating my account, I was immediately charged $15, despite signing up for the free plan. This charge is unexpected and unjustified.

I discovered that I have been charged twice: first, a charge of 10% of the free plan amount, and then an additional $5 charge. As a new user, I am unclear why these charges occurred, especially considering I opted for the free plan.


I just checked your account and you had two test captures from our risk check system you might have previously seen.

Both of them where just captures - as in they’re not real charges. They were cancelled and will be removed from your credit card.

Let you know if you have further questions through

I appreciate the clarification.
Could you please provide more information on when the refund will be processed?
It’s been an hour already, and I’m eager to ensure everything is resolved smoothly.
Thank you!

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There’s no actual charges so rather than a refund it must be your credit card provider not being in sync.


Our risk check UI does the following:

  1. You choose a CC
  2. You click on the submit check then we create a Credit Card Authorization
  3. As soon as we receive information from the provider (stripe) we cancel it
  4. If we failed to cancel the payment, it would have been automatically canceled because we never Capture the value.

This all happened under a minute. So right now its all about waiting for your credit card provider to restore your balance.

I hope this helps clarifying things!

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