Unknown charge on my account


I’m a new user at Fly.io evaluating the platform on the free hobby plan.

I was just looking at my account’s billing section when I noticed that there was a charge of $13.66 listed here:

As I’m on the free plan I’m not sure why there’s a charge on my account. Did my app get accidentally configured to use additional SSD/RAM? If yes, I didn’t mean to request this and I intend to stay on the free plan while I try Fly, and I’m not even sure where this came from/how this happened.

I’ve already written to billing@fly.io about this but was also told I should post in the community forum. I need to

  • Reverse this charge
  • Delete any additional resources that were provisioned, putting me back into the free usage limits
  • Clarify exactly how I can avoid this happening in the future

I haven’t even started using my app yet.

Can someone please help me with this? Thanks!