Announcing: Plans for email support and compliance requirements


We’ve talked a lot about paid plans, and even soft-launched a version that had many features, varying amounts of included usage, and a moderate price tag. We got some feedback, tweaked the plans, and then got more feedback.

In the end, we learned that plans with some added features were interesting, but most people cared about just a few things:

  • Email support
  • Support for compliance requirements like HIPAA and SOC2
  • Some amount of included usage

So we decided to simplify, and create plans that have just these things. Oh, and we lowered the prices. Which wasn’t an explicit request, but we figured people would appreciate it.

Here’s how the new plans look:

Plan Monthly fee Why choose this plan Support Usage included per month
Hobby/Pay-as-you-go Usage-based Free allowance for small apps Community forum Free allowance
Launch $29 + any usage beyond the included amount Email support Email $29
Scale $199 + any usage beyond the included amount HIPAA support, standard security questionnaire Priority email $199
Enterprise Starts at $2500 Uptime SLA, guaranteed support response times, SOC2 report, custom features Priority email + 911/urgent support Custom

*Usage-based prices and the basic free allowances set out at Fly App Pricing · Fly Docs apply to all plans.

The Launch and Scale plans include monthly usage up to the dollar amount of the plan fee.

You can select a plan right now. For details head on over to our Plans Pricing page, or choose the plan you need directly in your dashboard.


This is great news!

I just upgraded to a paid plan but I’m unable to find the email for support purposes. Where is the address located?

Glad you like it!

Your support address is in the dashboard. Select your organization, and look for your Support email address in the Billing section.

More on support options are on our Support page, too.

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Does this require a credit card or is pre-payment possible? I’d rather not be shutdown for neglecting to pay attention to emails of credit card expiry, etc.

Payment requirements are the same; we do require a credit card. We don’t automatically shut down an account after a card expires, and you are notified if it needs to be updated. We’ll also give you some time to update before we take any action.

You could prepay by adding credits to your account, but that might be more complicated for you to track than updating your card info when it expires. We don’t pre-invoice, so you would need to stay ahead of maintaining enough credits on your account to account for plan fees and usage. And if you run out of credits, your account is actually limited until you add more. So it’s usually easier to use a credit card in any case.