Restricted to shared-cpu-1x instances only

My organization started receiving an error when trying to scale our apps over the weekend stating Your organization is currently restricted to shared-cpu-1x VMs only. Please contact us at to upgrade to larger instances. We haven’t been able to determine what caused this message, and emailing the given email address just gives us back an automated email that isn’t helpful. Anyone know what would cause this?

UPDATE: Looks like it’s only our database we can’t scale

Is your spend on Fly more than £29? If so, subscribe to their Launch plan which bundles in £29/mo usage, too.

This Launch plan, among other things gives you access to email support (SLA 24hrs, iirc). A support email address, which is specific to your org, should appear in that org’s dashboard.

Can’t say, but may be some fraud detection system got in the way?

I can try that plan. It would be odd for it to be detected as fraud since it’s just a Postgres app

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Hey there, Spencer!
Were you able to get things going? Which organization are you seeing trouble with?

Yeah, we upgraded to the Launch plan and it just started working again. Not sure what happened there.

okay, I am glad y’all were able to get back up and running and I apologize for that interruption!