Withdrawal failure during the unlock my account process

My account email is malizheng123@gmail.com.

I used a credit card to verify a free account by making a random payment of less than $10 at fly.io.

I was testing bank card payment during the unlock my account process, but Stripe processed two payments totaling 8.73 $ and 9.9 $ , but only one payment of 8.73 $ was returned, and the other payment of 9.9 $ was not returned.

What I mean is that the verification on the website is done by jumping to the stripe interface for verification, paying first and then withdrawing, but this operation triggered two payments, but only one was withdrawn, and one transaction was not withdrawn.

Can you help check and return this 9.9$ ( The photo of the bank payment record and the strip transaction number have been sent to bill@fly.io.) ?

Hi @osisseek, pre-auths like this can take up to 10 business days to show as cancelled by your bank, despite the fact they are cancelled by Stripe immediately. Annoyingly, banks can end up treating two consecutive pre-auths drastically differently, which is what you’re seeing here.

Rest assured that both of these pre-auths were cancelled instantly, and your bank will reflect that within 10 business days. If you’d like further peace of mind, email billing@fly.io about this and we can give you a System Trace Audit Number (STAN), which you can give to your bank to trace the the refund (I’ve never done this, but it’s probably way more hassle than it’s worth!)

The bank canceled the first payment immediately, but the second payment of $9.9 was not canceled. This may be because the Stripe system only responded to the withdrawal of $8.73, but $9.9 was not withdrawn. The developer may need to manually withdraw $9.9 on Stripe. The photo of the bank payment record and the strip transaction number have been sent to billing@fly.io

I can tell you with total certainty that both payments were cancelled immediately. As I mentioned it can take up to 10 business days for that to be reflected by your bank. Unfortunately, the fact that one payment was shown as refunded instantly has no bearing on how long it will take your bank to show the other as refunded.

I’ve responded to your email with a STAN, so you’re able to follow up with your bank separately.

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