payment card refused

I’m exploring this shining service, my goal is deploying a my hobby project.
When I tried to run fly launch and after I chose the region, the CLI ask me to add the payment card.
For now, I don’t need to allow my project overtakes the free plan.

But ok, i tried to add my payment card, but it is always refused, there aren’t understandable motivation error message:

Sorry to hear that. Could you share the issuing country and network (Visa / Mastercard / Amex)? No numbers please.

Italy, Mastercard

Thanks, let me see if can figure out the exact reason on the gateway side.

Is this a prepaid card, by any chance? EDIT: We don’t currently support prepaid cards as stored payment methods, but you can use them to buy credits to get started.

hum… I bought credits to get started :neutral_face:.

The good news is that your credits will be used only after you exceed the free quota — so as long as your application stays under the free quota you won’t need to buy any again.

but is there an automatic mechanism to turn off my application in the situation free quota is overtaken?

There isn’t an automatic shutoff, but you can always keep your scaling settings to within the free tier, so you’ll never exceed it. Fly will autoscale up only if you ask it to, and you have control over the max instances anyway.

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I’m having payment issues as well (not using prepaid cards). Three different Credit Cards from three issuing Banks (Visa, Mastercard), Chile. It seems that previous months went through but it started to fail for December.

@jbergstroem I’m looking at this! We get basically 0 information about why cards are declined, so it may involve a call to the bank.

Got a response from one bank yesterday which pushed me in your direction (“wow much strange, must be the website fault”)… Waiting for the other two. I use Stripe pretty often with one of the cards so it’s very strange to see it fail in this case.

All we see is “declined”. I cleared the account for now, so you should be able to deploy again. We’re going to try collecting address/name with credit cards, so we may ask you to update it later this week.

Sure thing

@jbergstroem it seems like these vague declines are happening more this month. A few other customers got it working after adding missing information, like name and address, using the Stripe Customer Portal. You can reach it at > organization > “Manage Billing” or “Billing History”. Hopefully that’ll work for next month.

aside: I couldn’t find name there - only email and physical address (I removed whatever I had saved for the screenshot):

Ah interesting, thanks for sharing! I think this depends on the bank and card. Regardless, it seems like the more info Stripe gets the fewer failures. I just wish we got better error messages.

Right – that’d be my take as well. My 99% uneducated guess is that a name would push it over the line.

That’s a bummer :frowning: Would have liked to try Fly, but I’m not paying 25$ (minimum credit amount) just for that…

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