Wishlist: better communication for platform updates. Official changelog?

It’s not easy to keep track of announcements of platform changes and new features. Some were published on forum with Announcement tag, new ones are published with Fresh Produce tag, some were posted without tags, some posted as comments to previous posts.

Basically if you don’t visit the community forum every day or subscribed to all new posts, it’s very easy to miss important information.

Would be great to have some kind of a changelog with a maillist with all new features and updates brought together. Maybe something like Github’s changelog. Or some other way to centralize and communicate announcements than posting them on the forum where they are buried under other posts way too quickly.

Links to all announcements from a pinned post at least?

Thanks for reading this! Have a great day!


I totally agree, it’s very hard right now to keep up with the updates. Would be nice to get something where I can subscribe through email, without getting all the back and forth discussions of discourse if I subscribe to a topic.

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