The changelog could do with a bit of love

Hi there,

I was doing a search to see whether had a press kit and I was surfaced a result for and got a bit sidetracked poking around

I was a bit surprised to see that it seems a bit visually broken and out of date, although as far as I understand there are a few pages still floating around under the hood from the recent redesign and I’m guessing this is one of them.

On a similar note, doing a search for “ changelog” also surfaces a 404 link for the changelog blog category so that’s probably something that is worth hiding from search results?

I guess to be clear, as a customer I think the de facto place for changelog updates is the Github releases history first and the occasional monthly blog post roundups second but for someone who is unfamiliar with, it looks like a bit of a spaghetti tangle from the outside :spaghetti:


Wow that is old and ugly and we should probably just nuke it!

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Just wanted to put my vote towards a public changelog. I enjoy the blog content but more recently seems to be more about using fly rather than understanding what features or changes are introduced. It would be great to have both types of content.