Feature request: Platform Status broadcast on forum and dashboard

Would be very helpful if platform status from the official status page would be also duplicated on community forum (somewhere in top section for greater visibility?) and on account dashboard, so people could spend less time figuring what’s going on


Do you think something like a link to the status page at the top of the forum would help? This could be a little difficult to implement on the forum, since we use a hosted SaaS.

The dashboard has a new section called Status where you can see issues affecting your apps.


I know, but it feels like you need to check 3 things: status page for global issues, dashboard status for issues with hosts with your instances, community forum for other stuff. And this is a lot. I wish I could see what’s going on at once without any additional friction


I don’t know if it’s possible with hosted discourse, but I really wish it could just show the current status. I see that many users don’t check the status page before posting here, so I thought it could help.

AFAIK discourse has means to show a top banner, they use one on their page. I don’t know if you can update it via API, but there might be some automation. Create a banner to display at the top of your site - admins - Discourse Meta

This forum also uses a banner:

There is also an option to create pinned posts for current issues.

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Just so yk, we’re working on getting the dashboard status to start showing global issues as well


We’ve added global issues to the internal status page. This should help alleviate the need to check multiple pages.


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