Feature roadmap

Just a suggestion: Would Fly consider publishing/maintaining a (coarse) public feature roadmap?

Mostly, it’d help us build a stronger overall feel for where the platform is going next — a lot of which can be gleaned from discussions here (I love the team’s transparency), albeit bit more piecemeal.

Here’s an example from render.com. Since you’re using discourse, another option is to use the discourse-voting plugin in e.g. a ‘Roadmap’ category, in conjunction with discourse-solved if you want community votes/input.

keep up the good work!


I like this idea, and Render’s is nice! Canny seems like a better take on this problem than most.

What would you vote for if we had one of these? :smiley:

Yeah, Canny is one of those “damn, that’s a business?!” products for me. Not knocking them - more like jealous of their low-complexity revenue stream… :slight_smile:

To be honest, not really sure! I suppose that’d be the fun of it. Only a couple small things I’m looking for at the moment: Rollback API/UI. Logs stream API. And I’d use a HTTP-to-HTTPS redirector at the LB.

Would this be perhaps what you want?

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That… definitely looks like it! Thanks!

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