Wildcard *.mydomain.com certificate stuck in `Awaiting certificates` mode after remove/add

My wildcard domain certificate (moved from one app to another) is still Awaiting certificates after 19 hours. My steps / workarounds attempted were:

  1. Buy a domain, add a private IP to app #1, configure DNS for that (including ipv4/6 A/AAAA records and challenge CNAME)
  2. fly certs create *.mydomain.com --app App1
  3. (Develop app #1, realize it’s the wrong direction / its app config is messed up too, develop successful solution on app #2)
  4. fly certs remove --app App1
  5. fly allocate-v4 --app App2, fly certs create *.mydomain.com --app App2
  6. Set ipv4/v6 and challenge to DNS for *.mydomain.com
  7. (Wait a few hours, try removing / re-adding certificate to see if it was a one-time failure, didn’t work)
  • Result: stuck Awaiting certificates 19 hours
  • Expected: wildcard domain switches over / cert is generated. The other fresh wildcard domain I added as a backup to continue developing which previously hadn’t been on Fly only took a couple minutes.

Similar issue, but non-wildcard domain. In our case the steps were:

  1. Provision cert in dashboard
  2. Wait some time
  3. No cert issued. Delete cert, goto 1

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