Wildcard certificate issue time > 1 day?

I’ve been waiting for over a day for a wildcard certificate to issue, is this to be expected? I think I’ve configured everything correctly on my end, the cert check isn’t telling me any other actions.

✔ ~/Sites/mere/app [main|✔]
15:39 $ fly certs list
Host Name                 Added                Status
*.socialeeyes.com         1 day ago            Awaiting certificates
socialeeyes.com           2 days ago           Ready
www.rodeoclash.com        1 day ago            Ready
✔ ~/Sites/mere/app [main|✔]
15:39 $ fly certs check "*.socialeeyes.com"
The certificate for *.socialeeyes.com has not been issued yet.
You are creating a wildcard certificate for *.socialeeyes.com
We are using lets_encrypt for this certificate.

✔ ~/Sites/mere/app [main|✔]
15:39 $

Following this up. I didn’t realise that a UI was available to create certificates. The UI mentions creating an _acme_challenge record which the command line doesn’t. Fingers crossed this fixes things…

Ah! I forgot to reply to this yesterday.

You do need an _acme-challenge.socialeeyes.com entry for a wildcard. It appears to be working now.

The CLI need some UX work for certs. Sorry about the sharp edge there.

Yeah it got me. I think I managed to issue the non-wildcard certificates without any trouble but the wildcard version needed the UI to get the acme challenge string. A small update could be to just mention this in the CLI tool.

$ flyctl certs list "*.myapp.com"
Host Name                 Added                Status
*.myapp.com 14 minutes ago       Awaiting certificates

Not sure how much time it takes to get those certificates and configure.

Hi again Anil :slight_smile:

If you do a flyctl certs show "*.myapp.com" and flyctl certs check "*.myapp.com", you should see what’s going on.

EDIT: Do you have a DNS record setup for the _acme-challenge, per Kurt’s comment above?