when Ireland?

Are there any plans to add the Republic of Ireland as a hosting region?

We are trying a setup where the Postgres database remains hosted on Heroku’s “Europe” region, which is in Ireland (source). Even from the closest Fly region, lhr (London, UK), the simplest database queries take ~18ms as opposed to ~0.5ms from a Heroku dyno. This is not viable, but we’re wondering whether it could be if the Fly app was deployed in Ireland.

Hosting in the Republic of Ireland, as opposed to Northern Ireland, is due to legal concerns.

Thanks a lot! :pray:

I’m afraid we don’t have any immediate plans for a region in Ireland. Sorry!

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Ireland is hard, sadly. Amazon built an entire datacenter there. We can reasonably try to get to any datacenter Equinix offers over the next few years, but even they’re not in Ireland: https://www.equinix.com/data-centers

Oh I missed Dublin on the Equnix list. That means there’s a chance, but I would be surprised if we do it in less than a year. :slight_smile:

Seems like all datacenters belonging to AWS eu-west-1 are around Dublin as well (source). So that’s as close as it gets, notwithstanding intra-datacenter connectivity, of course.

Then I’d just like to leave this as a feature request. Offering a globally distributed hosting could not only be used to co-locate with customers, but also with (other) service providers. Think use cases like ours, stock exchanges, etc.

Thanks for the quick response and transparency :pray: