Fly With a Managed Database?

I love fly. I use app engine for a different project right now and I really really dislike it. Uptime isn’t great for me and the cost is insane for what it is (IMO)

The one thing keeping me on GCP is a managed database. I am a big baby when it comes to my databases. I love auto backups and the security that GCP gives me.

Are there any recommendations for me to use FLY with a managed DB? I understand I’ll be adding latency for every single query, but maybe there are ways to mitigate this?

Open to any suggestions :slight_smile:

You can do pretty well with latency in some regions. We are in the same building complex with AWS/GCP/Azure sometimes, and latency between Fly apps and the database should be sub millisecond.

If you can find good matching regions, you can setup a wireguard peer for connecting your app to the DB.

Our goal in life is to solve managed postgres in the next few months. Either us managing, or with someone like Crunchy Data running on top of Fly. So “hold tight” might also be good advice.


My next project won’t be for a few months so waiting might be a good option.

Do you have any insight into where GCP and you guys are colocated? Or how I could go about testing myself?

Ashburn VA, Los Angeles, London and Frankfurt are good bets. The simplest test is just to setup a server on GCP in a region and then ping it from a fly app in a matching region.

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Awesome, thank you!

FWIW, I’m running in IAD against a Heroku app (hosted in AWS us-east-10 which sees 1-3ms latency over the public internet.