Is the datacentre really in London?


I’m busy writing a blog about how I migrated from Digital ocean to, and as part of it, I make a stab at Digital ocean for saying their LON1 region is in london… but when we actually work it out, it’s actually in Slough (Outside the M25 if you know the jokes behind that)

I was wondering what the actual servers underlying Fly are like?

I understand that you get the servers as close to users as possible, but how?

is this a case of you span 5 DC’s in the UK? or do you just have a few Supermicro servers in a Docklands DC?

Let me know! This is just scratching an itch hehe

Hi! There is an excellent John Betjeman poem about Slough.

We host at a number of places - there are some servers in Slough (many of our global regions are actually hosted in suburbs rather than the city proper. It’s the most common place for datacenters). Most of our servers are actually in London (within zones 1 and 2, not just inside the M25!) though when it comes to this region - Docklands and the City (or very close to it in Farringdon). These are just where our colo providers have space rather than us doing any magic to get people routed to a specific DC that’s closer. If you deploy to LHR you could get hosted on any one of these sites :slight_smile:

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Awesome! Thanks for the answer!

I’m busy migrating all my stuff to fly!