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I’m CTO at a Swiss company and we would really want to make the switch to fly for most of our platforms (mostly Elixir/Phoenix-based and Rails-based) but many of our clients are actually public companies (public transport companies, municipalities etc.) and they legally require us to have the data and infrastructure in Switzerland.
I was able to deploy my own side elixir project on fly and i’m fully in love with the overall workflow which is why we’re interested to make the switch.

I saw some posts where Switzerland was a considered option. We’re gonna need to host our new platform in the upcoming months somewhere in Switzerland and we were wondering if there were any plans for fly in this regard (we’d be willing to be part of some beta program or help in some other ways). FWIW we are already spending a few thousands of CHF in hosting every month.

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Hey, we love to hear that you love the workflow!

We don’t have plans for Switzerland yet. One reason being that our edge provider doesn’t have a data center there.

We have two types of servers: edge and worker. Edge runs our proxy and does the cool anycast routing. To provide quality anycast service today, our edge servers need to be commissioned by the same provider.

It would help us to know more about Switzerland rules. Would hosting workers (where your VM run) there be sufficient?


Thanks for the prompt reply!

As far as i understand it, yes workers would work well in this context.
A typical requirement where you need to have your infrastructure/data in Switzerland means you don’t really want / need to serve users at the other end of world (or the latency is OK and you don’t expect the kind of performance / low-latency you have with Edge servers around the world).

In our case we simply need to be able to guarantee that our VM + Data (Postgres) would stay in Switzerland. We would still need to scale horizontally & vertically but this would always be within that same region.