What region is lga? Not listed on website


I’m seeing edge regions on requests for “lga”, but I don’t see that region in the list of regions at Regions.

Is lga a region located in New York?


Note that I also don’t see “lga” in the list from the CLI tool either:

$ fly platform regions
CODE NAME                         GATEWAY 
ams  Amsterdam, Netherlands       ✓       
atl  Atlanta, Georgia (US)                
cdg  Paris, France                ✓       
dfw  Dallas, Texas (US)           ✓       
ewr  Secaucus, NJ (US)                    
fra  Frankfurt, Germany           ✓       
gru  São Paulo                            
hkg  Hong Kong                    ✓       
iad  Ashburn, Virginia (US)       ✓       
lax  Los Angeles, California (US) ✓       
lhr  London, United Kingdom       ✓       
maa  Chennai (Madras), India      ✓       
mad  Madrid, Spain                        
mia  Miami, Florida (US)                  
nrt  Tokyo, Japan                 ✓       
ord  Chicago, Illinois (US)       ✓       
scl  Santiago, Chile              ✓       
sea  Seattle, Washington (US)     ✓       
sin  Singapore                    ✓       
sjc  Sunnyvale, California (US)   ✓       
syd  Sydney, Australia            ✓       
yyz  Toronto, Canada              ✓

Also, side question: What is “Gateway” in this list?

The LGA region is really just EWR, and CHI and ORD are also the same region. We have some overlap of codes as we build out in different datacenters / providers. There’s discussion happening to standardise these codes, but nothing to announce just yet.

The “Gateway” regions are those that have wireguard/ssh entrypoints into the Fly network, so when you run fly ssh console you always go through a gateway.

The available regions have edge nodes that do proxying and TLS termination and of course the Firecracker VMs themselves — and sometimes the edge nodes will report their code as different nearby airport from what we designate the VMs hosts with :stuck_out_tongue:

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Oh wow, I didn’t realize the regions in the CLI, website, and reported in metrics and the http headers were inconsistent. I understand the inconsistency probably can’t be fixed for backwards compatibility reasons. Would it be possible to update the website / cli so they show all the values for each region? It’s pretty hard to remember which is which when there’s inconsistent names used.

Hmm. Is LGA the same region as EWR or are they regions that overlap? What does it mean for regions to overlap?

Yeah, it’s not ideal, and we have a couple of ideas on how to fix it, including maybe standardising to region codes based on the city, like AWS/GCP, but nothing concrete yet. And any plan to change things up will need a migration plan as well, so yeah, this isn’t a quick fix.

With regards to the overlap I don’t have the exact details, but sometimes the edge servers are provisioned by a different provider who uses a different airport code for configuration, even though they might be in the same datacenter complex. Passing that on is a quirk of the current system, for sure.