What means regions gateway


this is probably a silly question but I don’t understand at all what means “Gateway” when I run the platform regions command:

$ flyctl platform regions
CODE NAME                         GATEWAY
ams  Amsterdam, Netherlands
atl  Atlanta, Georgia (US)
cdg  Paris, France
dfw  Dallas 2, Texas (US)
ewr  Secaucus, NJ (US)
fra  Frankfurt, Germany
hkg  Hong Kong
iad  Ashburn, Virginia (US)       ✓
lax  Los Angeles, California (US)
lhr  London, United Kingdom       ✓
nrt  Tokyo, Japan
ord  Chicago, Illinois (US)       ✓
scl  Santiago, Chile
sea  Seattle, Washington (US)
sin  Singapore                    ✓
sjc  Sunnyvale, California (US)   ✓
syd  Sydney, Australia            ✓
yyz  Toronto, Canada

have they any performance implications?

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That just means a region can be a Wireguard gateway for connecting to your private network: Private Networking · Fly

We’re still rolling that out so it’s not available everywhere, but it will be someday.

oh, thanks for the reply!