List of Edge Node Region

Inside one of my apps, I make use of the Fly Edge Region

I am seeing a different region: lga

Do you have a full list of all these different edge regions documented somewhere?

We don’t but we should! These change somewhat regularly, but here they are:

ams - Amsterdam
cdg - Paris
den - Denver
dfw - Dallas
dxb - Dubai
fra - Frankfurt
gru - Sao Paulo
hkg - Hong Kong
iad - Ashburn, VA
jnb - Johannesberg
lax - Los Angeles
lga - New York
lhr - London
maa - Chennai India
mad - Madrid
mia - Miami
ord - Chicago
otp - Bucharest
phx - Phoenix
scl - Santiago, Chile
sea - Seattle
sin - Singapore
sjc - San Jose, California
syd - Sydney
tor - Toronto
tyo - Tokyo
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Almost on topic: What are the criteria for new regions? For reasons, I would be interested in a server in Switzerland, e.g.

PS: The list seems to have been published on Regions · Fly

The criteria are mainly “can we expand anycast there”. At our scale, Switzerland is hard – it will cost us >$20k/mo. We should be at a different scale in a year and that opens up all kinds of options.


Wow, that certainly sounds expensive. Fingers crossed for next year, then!


@kurt I notice you have maa - Chennai India in your list but I believe it’s not in general availability at the moment. Running flyctl regions add maa actually added sin to the region pool instead.

Is it possible to deploy into the Chennai region at the moment, e.g.: to somehow have the region enabled as a beta tester?!



Not yet! We’re waiting for servers to get shipped there, if all goes well we’ll be able to let you try it in about a month.

Awesome, thanks for the quick reply :sunglasses: – very helpful to know the timeframe, do put me on the list if you have one :slight_smile: