List of Edge Node Region

Inside one of my apps, I make use of the Fly Edge Region

I am seeing a different region: lga

Do you have a full list of all these different edge regions documented somewhere?

We don’t but we should! These change somewhat regularly, but here they are:

ams - Amsterdam
cdg - Paris
chi - Chicago
den - Denver
dfw - Dallas
dxb - Dubai
fra - Frankfurt
gru - Sao Paulo
hkg - Hong Kong
iad - Ashburn, VA
jnb - Johannesberg
lax - Los Angeles
lga - New York
lhr - London
maa - Chennai India
mad - Madrid
mia - Miami
otp - Bucharest
phx - Phoenix
scl - Santiago, Chile
sea - Seattle
sin - Singapore
sjc - San Jose, California
syd - Sydney
tor - Toronto
tyo - Tokyo
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Almost on topic: What are the criteria for new regions? For reasons, I would be interested in a server in Switzerland, e.g.