Issues in the individual volume page of app in dashboard

Hope I am not bothering everyone with these UI/UX posts,
but if yes, just let me know and I won’t post them anymore

  • Users may not know which region it is by looking at the code
  • What is “Zone”?

  • Is “Attached to” the app? If so, could it be linked?


Cool idea to link it.

Zone are sub sections within a region as I understand it. So a zone can go down, but a region not. If a meteor strikes a region, than another region would need to replace it.

So for high availability you want servers across zones within a region, and across regions. And with fly being a edge service, the more regions closer to your users, the lower the latency.

I don’t 100% know how zones are managed, but no deploys I have in ORD have the same zone. I largely just ignore them. I assume there is something under the food to ensure machines are spread across zones.

Users may not know which region it is by looking at the code

Are you just saying the abbreviation may not be clear? Probably true, but everything is done with that abbreviation. This does not bug me because I am use to us-east-1 and us-east-2 from AWS. I actually find these codes easier because I believe they align to the 3 letter codes of largest/closest airports. So I fly into EWR all the time, AND have servers somewhere around it I assume…

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Thanks for the detailed response!
As for the zones, I think there should be some info about it since it is mentioned in the dashboard.

And for the region code, I am okay with it, I would just like to see the region name too, to make that section clearer.

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