Unexpected billing

After many months of free tier usage, I just received the following confusing mail for the first time ever:

Good news from Fly.io! We don’t collect bills smaller than $5.00.

This month, your bill of $0.08 falls below that threshold, so we’re discounting it by 100%.

[ View billing ]

The Fly.io Team

Now being curious how those costs were generated, I’ve headed to the billing link provided and see the following dashboard, with no indicator of the source or reason of the costs. I’m somehow concerned this could escalate in the future. I’d like my services to be paused rather than billed when exceeding the free tier.

Is this an issue with the invoice system? How to transparently get details on how those costs are made up?

I’ve found information hidden in the previous month’s PDF (see below). However my question remains as I use 2 VMs with 1 and 2 GB data volume respectively for months without any change. However somehow I got billed for the first time.

Is it possible that now with V2 I need to provide this obscure command line flag when deploying to prevent this unexpected billing in the future?

Could you please clarify?

Further, the phrasing for the ‘rolling’ deployment method seems wrong as the machines might coexist instead of being “taken down and replaced” first:

This could exceed the free tier limits if I understand correctly.


Maybe you already checked that, but on the bottom of the billing page, you’ll see more usage data if you click the Open Now button and select the desired month on the next page.

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Upon further investigation, I also noticed my data volumes had been duplicated while auto-migrating to V2, therefore causing additional billig while exceeding the free tier. All those little intransparencies made me really lose trust in the so far great Fly experience.

Hi @213Fly, part of the reason we don’t charge invoices below $5 is that it give us room when we screw up like we did now with additional volumes created by the migration. That said, the new volume is an exact copy of the old one, and the migration opted not to delete the old volume just in case the app required to be rolled back.

We are aware of the duplicate volumes and believe me we don’t plan to make $$ of them, the team is ready to give credits whenever issues arise due to migration, but more importantly, once the migration settles and we are confident, the old volumes will be removed not just to avoid charging but also to free us some disk capacity. :crossed_fingers:

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