Unexplained Billing

We just recently found out our bill has gone over $250 running 5x shared-cpu-1x@256MB, and 5x shared-cpu-4x, can someone please help make sense of this? We have auto_stop_machines and auto_stop_machines set to true with min_machines_running = 1.

We also found that fly.io was firing up some unsolicited apps with high resources (I’m sure this wasn’t intentional) and we’ve had to close a few of these manually, this will believe contributed to the huge bill. Another concerns we had was when we destroyed some machines, we found they were still lying around somewhere in the dashboard but not in cli neither were they available for usage. Upon flagging this, the team removed this app, yet the charges are yet to be normalised.

We’ve reached out to support yet no updates so far regarding this. Not sure if anyone have had this experience before or have suggestions on resolution.

After migration to machine-based V2 apps, I experience a spontaneous addition of a new machine every now and then during deployments using blue-green strategy. Not always, but sometimes, maybe 1 in 20 deployments lead to an unsolicited machine addition. The affected apps are having 2 machines, but after N deployments the number of machines becomes 3. Maybe your issue is somehow related?

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Sounds like an issue I have with additional apps being added. Given a deployment of more than 1 app, an additional app get added randomly with high resource. This issue still exist apparently and adds to users bill somehow. I hope the team will be able to see this and advise on a fix.

Hi @bwoodlt and @Hypermind, from what you describe, sometimes a Machine is not automatically cleaned up when an app is destroyed or after a deployment with a strategy that creates new Machines (like blue-green).

We’re still looking into this internally, but if you’re concerned about your bill in the meantime, you can contact billing@fly.io.

@catflydotio we have written to the team but yet to hear back, already two weeks in. I know we’ll probably be charged soon (can be corrected even when that happens), without having clarity as to how charges are applied especially when describing apps that are not fully destroyed and potentially being charged for or the blue-green situation, its hard to completely benchmark costs against other players and make decisions on budget.

@catflydotio Can you help us get this to the team? Emails are not being responded to.

@bwoodlt I understand your frustration if the wait time for resolution is long. If you have email support, and you’ve emailed about this issue, they haven’t lost your ticket. :slight_smile: I can suggest if the last email response from Support asked you for any further information, make sure you’ve provided it.

If you haven’t already emailed billing@fly.io, I’d still suggest this for the billing side of your concern, as this can often be dealt with in parallel to any technical issues.

Heard back from the team @catflydotio. The issue is in the works, and the team have applied some credits in the meantime whilst they look at this more closely. Thanks @rubys for the follow-up!

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