One of My Super Basic Use Cases For Fly

Maybe you guys will find this interesting on some level but I thought I’d share!

I have a stateless app that handles form submissions for a couple dozen static sites (among other data processing and hand-offs to various services).

I was running into issues with Cloud Run where maybe 1 out of 100 submissions would get hit with a “out of resources” error and the form submission would be lost. Sometimes I pay $120-$150 per lead in competitive markets so this just wasn’t acceptable.

Running my app on super small VM’s in a bunch of regions has been super helpful for my peace of mind, and it’s really inexpensive.

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Ah this is amazing. I do love long running processes for things that get regular requests. I also love scale to 0 for side projects so we will hopefully have a way to do that soon. :slight_smile:

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I definitely would like a scale to zero for this but Fly is priced so reasonably that I don’t mind the couple bucks for side projects.