Feature Request: Billing breakdown per app

It would be nice to see the billing breakdown per app.

I noticed there is a new usage preview page in the dashboard, this could be a possibly location for this information.

It would also be nice to have the “Current month so far” metric for each app like each Org has.


Hi, we’re currently in the process of improving the billing experience and cost breakdown by app is definitely something we’ll be able to show you soon.

Are there any other billing/usage features you’d like to have?

Thanks for the feedback!

That is great.

It would be nice if you could just see what the app would cost per month based on its configuration.

We come from the Heroku world in the past and I can see fly machines being the equivalent to dynos. When you slide the dynos up and down, it would show you the applications updated monthly cost.

Where I can see this being a little hard to show on fly is with auto scale machines up and down with traffic. Maybe there is a way to estimate this based on last 7 days traffic?

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