Something like a heroku button?

Hey everyone,

We recently released our open source project on github:

We wanted to add a deploy to heroku type button. But not heroku because it sucks!

So here I am, I wondered if render had a similar button style feature?


+1 for this

There are Fly Launch pages but they focus on a single app: Web Launchers · Fly Docs

I’m building a library of templates that I plan to eventually work into a SDK.

Here is my Directus template: GitHub - mikehostetler/fly-directus: Directus running on Apps V2

@kurt any thoughts on this? Could you point us in the right direction to build this into the Fly infra from the outside via submitting PR’s?

It’s not quite the same, but you can hand-craft a URL for either Sign In · Fly or like so: and we’ll spin up a web-based terminal, hosted on a machine, with flyctl pre-installed and authenticated and the repository checked out from github. You can then fly launch its contents and interact with it as you normally would.

Ignore the “Invalid key” errors the terminal will give you for the next little while–we do a bit of automated setup and send some broken git config commands. I’m waiting for a build and will be pushing a new release shortly.

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@nolan-fly Is the code open source? I think we could build something on this.

Unfortunately not, sorry.

FWIW, I believe it’s mostly built on public-facing features though, so something like a launch button shouldn’t be too difficult to implement. What, specifically, would you like to do with this?

I was hoping you had something similar to Deploy on Railway button | Railway

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