github source for web launchers ?

My application is a Docker + Postgres combo.

My users are totally non technical, so the need to install flyctl is a major hurdle. Each organization would run its own separate instance, and pay its own bills.

I could not find the github source for the Web launchers - I would like to investigate how to create a “launch your container” variant. Basically the same as the CLI launch (including attaching to Postgres), plus increasing the memory amount, and creating another secret. I figure I would also be able to implement a “scale up/down” for the vm count as well.

Even something brutal like “create an account”, go fetch your key and paste it would be ok.

The application currently runs on Heroku, but Turboku could not migrate its database (I did not investigate further).

Hi @jflamy

You could use the graphql API

This is the same API that the fly cli uses so you could automate the steps by using this API directly.

Starting from scratch is a pain when there is clearly something close out there. I haven’t had to code an actual graphql application before but I’m sure I can rip off the correct pieces of flyctl. Still I’d rather work on my application itself rather than on its deployment. And besides, deploying from a container would probably be useful to others.

We are not really designed to help non technical people run apps. Which doesn’t make this a bad request, it just makes us a bad answer. :slight_smile:

We do have “Fly Machines”, which are designed to let you build hosting for your users for an app like this. @simonw is using them to build Datasette Cloud.

If you’re not into that, our good friends at Railway can do what you want, I think. It should be very easy to build a launch button with their stack.

Back to my original question: the web launchers aren’t available as public repos ?

Oh, do you mean like Livebook · Launch on

Those are not open source, no. That one we did as part of our sponsorship of the Livebook project. The Heroku one is similar, but a different mechanism.

Yes. If it’s derived from paid work, that’s fair. I’ll just brute force something calling the CLI behind the scenes for now.