Deploy to fly button/config like Heroku

I’m thinking of creating an OSS app that I want to make it as easy for others to host as possible. I always remember seeing the “Deploy to Heroku” buttons around that would aid in that by deploying the app, setting up a database and volumes, and starting the server.

Does Fly offer anything similar?


Hi @alexcroox

We have some good things coming out next and with that, there’s also a feature that might be exactly what you want but spoilers aside those are not released yet.

Stay tuned to our Changelog for more news.


Great thanks for the update, I’ll keep an eye out!

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+1 for this. I have a (niche) side project that is intended to be one-click deploy a la heroku’s deploy button.

+1 to this!


+1. I’m working on a P2P-based language-learning project that would be perfect with this use case. @lubien do you have any updates on this feature?


We are not likely to ship a button any time soon. We’ve done some experiments with quick launchers of different apps, and so far we think our efforts are better spent elsewhere.

We’re spending most of our energy on the Machines API. It’s designed to let developers build FaaS like services on top of

That may not be exactly what you want, but it’s worth a look.

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