Launch on button still a thing?

Hi all,

How do you create a Launch on button like GitHub - metrico/fluXpipe: Stand-alone, Serverless Flux API/Pipeline for querying, analyzing and interacting with remote data. TLDR: Flux scripts outside of InfluxDB

I wanted to create one for SentryPeer


I was curious about this as well since I didn’t realize we had this feature.

Looking at the code for the repo you linked, I see the following in the README:

<a href="" target="_blank">
  <img src="" width=300>

It looks like that link just calls into our web terminal and has it check out the specified repo into a shell which you then have access to. It didn’t appear to actually create an app, though, so my assumption is that you’re expected to run fly launch from the web terminal and complete the setup yourself.

Hope that helps. Thanks for showing me that we did this.

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I actually thought it was part of this programme Fly and Open Source · Fly Docs

So there isn’t such a thing as “Click this, get asked a few questions to populate some env vars, and go!”

Not that I’m aware of, sorry.

We are doing some current experimentation around changing the fly launch experience, though, and that might pave the way for something like this in the future.

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